Flora Bouteille (1993, Rodez) lives between Paris and Lyon. Using what she calls a “method of fluid appropriation” to explore diverse performative formats, she gives special attention to the inchoative (as in the part of a verb that expresses the beginning of an action) that exists in play and role-play, but also in the simple fact of making forms. In their uncertainty her works are temporary apparitions, they find their relevance in this continuous transformation, as if they cannot commit to a definitive status of display, form or reproducibility — the state of the work as a way to Act. These apparitions embody the fluidity and anxiety in the merging of concrete and abstract spaces, and the pathologies our bodies are expressing in the new paradigms we have to inhabit.

Curriculum vitæ

2018 - 2019  ¬ Post-Diploma Research and Artistic Creation shared between: ENSBA (visual arts), ENSATT (theatre), CNSMD (music and dance). 
2018 ¬ MFA in fine Arts, Graduated with Honors from ENSBA Lyon. 
2015 - 2018  ¬ MFA in Time & Space Arts, Helsinki , KUVA. 
2012 - 2015  ¬ BA in Fine Arts, ENSBA Lyon. 

employement & experience 
2016 - 2017 ¬ “Poetic traductor” & coordinator for Jacques Rancière’s conferences. At HIAP, suomenlinna  and La Bellone, Brussels. 
2016 ¬ Assistant of artist Adel Abidin.
¬ Assistant of artist Ahmet Ogut.
¬ Freelance designer and maker of PCB (used as instruments or synthetisers).
2015   ¬ Interviewer of writers for AIR, Assises internationales du Roman.
¬ Model and actress for a movie of Niek Van de Steeg & Olivier Bosson.

residencies, internships & worktrips 
2017  ¬ Research work trip & performance for the event “Agency of the art” at Kuva Research pavilion, Venice biennial 2017, Italy. 
2016  ¬ “Post-catastrophy: after tsunami” with a group from Kuvataideakatemia, Andaman Islands, India. 
2015 ¬ Residency in Utö Island, Finland. 
¬ Poetry residency in Moly Sabata, France, with writer and poet Pascal Poyet. 
2014  ¬ Internship with RootLessRoot dance company, Praha, Tcheck Republic. 
¬ Poetry residency in Moly Sabata with artist & writer Anne Kawala. 

exhibitions & interventions
2018 ¬ Academiae Youth Art Biennale, Bolzano.
¬ Partout, mais pas pour très longtemps, ELAC perrache, Lyon. 
¬ Give me What I Want And Then Leave Me Alone, w/ Iona Roisin, Project Room, Helsinki.
2017 ¬ Le Carnaval des Animaux, San Mei Gallery, London.
¬ King Arthur isn’t afraid of colorfield, Kuva research pavilion, Venice biennal.
¬ ANIMAL and the LOGIC of OTHeRS, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.
¬ Navigate Me, Screening in ORION cinema, Helsinki.
¬ Proposition for waiting for the future, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.
¬ “Poetic traductor“ for Jacques Rancière’s Modern Times book launch, La Bellone, Brussels.
2016  ¬ Matter Matter, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.
¬ In Paradis, collaborative show w/ Swan Gautier & Oceane Bruel, Space for Free Arts, Helsinki. 
¬ Non-parallel process, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.
¬ Night of experimentals, Music performance, Space for Free Arts, Helsinki.
¬ Live video projection & poetic translation for Jacques Rancière conference, HIAP, Helsinki.
2015  ¬ 8323200s, Space for Free Arts, Helsinki.
¬ A Flat, Video & music performance, Space for Free Arts, Helsinki.
¬ CLOSER , performance, Suvilahti festival, Helsinki.
¬ The Islanders, Play of my text “The Islanders” by 3 actors at La Boîte à gants, Lyon.
¬ Rooms, showroom of ENSBAL, Lyon.

2018  ¬ W/ Victor Ruiz-Colomer, Joe Highton, Duncan Gibbs, Jordi Colomer & Carolina Olivares-Setting up a studio, living and gallery space in L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 
2017 - 2018  ¬ W/ Gregoire Rousseau, making electronic displays and PCB with sensors for artists and galleries.

organising exhibitions + events 
2017 ¬ As VFFV w/ Victor Ruiz-Colomer — Live VJ between Finland and Spain.
2016 ¬ As Perfect Human w/ Iona Roisin — Party Installation for RATTO, Teatteri Toivo, Helsinki.
2015 ¬ As Big Basic Data w/ Kobas Verschuren — Concert & performance for La Boîte à Gants (theater & squatt), Lyon.

press & publications
2018 ¬ Article for Le Chassis: Jeudi soir #9 Flora Bouteille, Lost Ego (image fade n.1)
2017 ¬ MANIFESTO LIQUIDIST. w/ Marine Leleu.
2016 ¬ Interview for Yle about Non-parallel process exhibition.