¬ Avril 2019 — Part of the 64 th Salon de Montrouge.
¬ 21 February 2019BEST REGARDS
A Performance and Painting show; with Pierre Masclef, Kobas Verschueren, Léo Castel, Hugo Ferretto, Cité des Arts, Paris.
¬ January 2019 — Prix de Paris 2018: One year residency in Cité des Arts Paris.
¬ 20 december 2018 — Performance, sculpture and concert (New Happening) TotalBodyControl n.3 with Victor Villafagne, at BIMBO, Lyon : Facebook.
¬ 2 december 2018 — Performance "TotalBodyControl part.2" with Grégoire Rousseau, Samuel Gouttenoire, Swan Gautier, Lily Brieu, Alix Merle.
Performance and installation presented in the frame of the launch of the curatorial platform .
At (A)VOID Floating Gallery, Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague 2, 128 00, Náplavka.
¬ 5 October 2018 — Exposition "Wayfinding" a group show at News of the World gallery, London. news of the world